POKERobot 2.12

POKERobot is both an auto playing poker robot and an online stats calculator
2.12 (See all)

This software is a poker robot that plays automatically and a status calculator at the same time.
Its Main Features include:
Artificial Intelligence - POKERobot’s secret lies in its use of Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms.
Multiple Table Capability - gives you the opportunity to run POKERobot on an unlimited number of tables.
Auto Screen Scrape - POKERobot automatically recognizes each card in your hand.
Pot Odds - the program displays pot odds so that you know how much to call.
Implied Odds - the program automatically adds implied odds to your pot odds, giving you the maximum betting advantage.
Chance To Win - POKERobot uses opponent modeling, player stats and simulations to calculate your chances of winning.
Opponent Modeling - recognizes the players betting pattern using an artificial neural network.
Player Stats - memorizes the game styles of your opponents, and applies this information to your implied and hand odds.
Simulation - POKERobot can randomly simulate games to determine which decision will be most profitable for you (i.e. check, raise etc.).
Automatically Changes Playing Style - you can customize your style of play to fit real or play money tables while optimizing player assumptions.
Randomized Response Time - this feature allows POKERobot to simulate the same unpredictable actions of a human being.
New: Response time setting - It's now possible to set the random response time interval in the settings.
Watch mode - Just disable the Auto Play feature, and POKERobot will display tips and statistics for you!
Auto-stop timer - Allows you to set a time limit for how long the POKERobot plays for you.
Hand strength bar - POKERobot displays your hand strength automatically for easy monitoring.
Pop: Semi-Auto mode - allows you to play the good hands, while POKERobot folds all bad hands automatically. This mode allows for serious No-Limit gaming!

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